Whether you’re making a 30 second “Web Advertisement” to promote your business or wanting to engage your customers via “testimonials” or unique “Explainer Video’s” 2bmedia has you covered. When your customers are typing in your URL or searching for you on Google, you want them to get a great first impression of your business and go on to contact you. Video can help you do that.

First consultations are free. We can discuss exactly what you want to achieve through your video content. “A business may want to target a specific demographic or promote certain aspects of their business that give them an edge over their competition.”

Step 1.

We discuss the key components of your business and talk about how to best promote your services and or products. We implement a strategy that explains who you are, what you do and why customers should choose you instead of your competition.

Step 2.

After meeting with you a script is created and delivered. Changes that help define what you’re after are improved upon. We discuss things like music, voice-overs, pacing, mood & tone. We want to impress but most importantly we want to impress your customers.

Step 3.

A shooting script & storyboard is created, with an emphasis on visuals that define your message.

Step 4.

Production phase: Primary location shooting and audio recording.

Step 5.
Post Production: The visuals are edited together. Usually with a combination of music, sound effects, voice over & titles if required. At this stage you will be invited to view the edit and discuss any areas that may need to be improved upon. Once final changes are complete, colour grading and sound mixing is done. The MASTER EDIT or EDITS are encoded (H.264 files) then delivered either on a portable drive, memory stick or uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube.

Where they can be shared across multiple social media platforms.

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