Short Films &Music Videos are usually shot and edited at a cheaper rates then commercial projects. 2bmedia embraces the Short Film medium, having worked on many short film projects we understand the challenges that filmmakers face when embarking on creative minimal budget films.

Short Films:

REMOTE: Short Film A.F.T.R.S dir; Sebastian Craig

Featuring: Dominic Purnell (Prison Break) Jeremy Cumpston, Felix Williamson


COUNTRY COMFORT: A.F.T.R.S dir: Adolfo Cruzardo

Featuring: Claudia Carvan.


THE TEMP: Short Comedy Pilot dir: Charlie Davis

Featuring Camilla “Milli” Davis


Music Video:

Example of work: Watch “the weasel” by FSB



Please get in touch with 2bmedia if you’re wanting to make a Short Film or music video.



Showreels for actors are also charged at negotiable rates. We can import your existing files and shoot various scenes and creative shots that will supplement your existing showreel.